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Pressure Die-Casting Manufacturing In China

LK Mould provides you with complete Die Casting processing services.

LK Moulds is your Die Casting factory partner in China. Our services include:
– Die Casting Mold Manufacturing,
– Die Casting Molding,
– Die Casting Surface treatment services.

Die Casting, involves injecting molten metal into a mold under high velocity, pressure, and cooling. This quick method shapes metal from raw materials, suitable for various materials, including aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. Die Casting has evolved into a global industry serving diverse applications.


Benefits of Pressure Die Casting

Some of the benefits of High-Pressure Die Casting:

  • Suited for high-volume production
  • Produce fairly complex castings quickly compared to other metal-forming processes
  • High-strength components produced in the as-cast condition
  • Dimensional repeatability
  • Thin wall sections possible (eg. 1-2.5mm)
  • Good linear tolerance (eg. 2mm/m)
  • Good surface finish (eg. 0.5-3 µm)

LK Mould enables fast, consistent, and reliable production in Die Casting processes.

Pressure Die Casting

  • Mould Design/Engineering
  • Suited for High Volume
  • Great Tolerance & Surface Finish 
  • 22+ Years Skilled Experience


Not only does LK-Mould China produce strong Die Castings with smooth surfaces, but we also offer value-added operations such as finishing options and coating options. Depending on your casting’s surface finish requirements, LK Mould can provide all standard finishing options, such as:

  • Mechanical Finishing
  • Functional Finishing
  • Decorative Finishing

We offer our customers extensive know-how and quality. Send us your request and our team will contact you.


Die-casting is suitable for the production of large volumes of metal products. The surface finish of the products is good with high dimensional stability. The material for die casting can be selected from aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, or magnesium alloy.

• Economical manufacturing process • High speed production process • High precision, accuracy, and dimensional stability • Different and Simple finishing techniques • Simple assembly process • Suitable for medium and large-size products with a high cost

LK Mould provides various Surface-treatment processes suitable for different products, including Sand Blasting, Polishing, Painting, Powder Coating, Electrophoresis, Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Anodizing, and Mechanical Processing. Our team will propose the most reasonable solutions based on your requirements.

It is the Process of injecting molten metal into custom-made steel dies, it can be simple or complex, having moveable slides, cores, or other sections depending on the complexity of the casting.

• Connectors: • Marine Parts • Aerospace Parts • Automotive • Power Tools • Consumer Electronics • Computing • Networking and Telecommunication • Handheld Devices

You can start by providing the product's 2D and 3D drawings to our team. Also, we can provide Design For Manufacture (DFM) service for you.

- Aluminum alloy die-casting: suitable for products with high strength, complex structure, and lightweight - Zinc alloy die casting: mostly used for parts with high ductility and need electroplating. - Magnesium alloy die casting: used for lightweight parts with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Our Die Casting Mold tools are usually made from H13 tool steel with a Rockwell hardness of 42-48, Specialty steels are available upon request.

• Even the wall thickness. • Rounding off all edges and corners. • Smooth blending and continuity of all the features. We will provide additional design modification suggestions to make sure your parts are casted successfully.

You can specify your color by using RAL or Pantone color codes. If you don’t have the color code, you can send us a color chip or a color sample so that we can provide a matching color chip.

Please provide us with the part's 3D CAD drawings (IGES, STEP, or X_T). We can also quote based on 2D drawings (in DWG, DXF, or even PDF format [but with weight information]). We can also import CAD files directly from popular CAD software, such as Pro/ENGINEER, UGS, Catia, and Solid Edge. In addition, we need the production information listed in our request for quote form. Quoting turnaround is typically within a week, and can be even sooner if there is a special timing constraint.

Pressure Die-Casting LK Mould China

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